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Necklace "Nia"


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precious metal
Simple and yet very special. In the “Nia” necklace, a classic link chain is interrupted by short bars that create a unique look.
The highlights
  • Manufactured in Germany in an RJC certified company
  • Perfectly combinable
  • Recycled materials

Gift box included

In detail


  • Chain length:
    50cm (expandable to 55cm)


  • Recycled 925 silver / gold plated (nickel free).Germany


  • RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council)
  • CoC (Chain of Custody)
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Sustainably manufactured

Necklace "Nia"
Necklace "Nia"
Necklace "Nia"
Necklace "Nia"
Necklace "Nia"
Necklace "Nia"

Necklace "Nia"

Simple and yet very special. In the “Nia” necklace, a classic link chain is interrupted by short bars that create a unique look. The minimalist design leaves you with all sorts of combination options, but also acts as an eye-catcher on its own. Can't get enough of this piece of jewelry? Then wear it with our 'Nia' bracelet to complete the look. To make the necklace, we use recycled precious metal (925 silver, gold-plated) which is processed in an RJC-certified company in Germany. The piece of jewelry comes in apikfineEco gift box sent to you beautifully and safely and is also wonderful for storage.

Your questions, our answers

How can I wear my “Nia” necklace?

Wear the 'Nia' necklace solo for a simple look or layered for a versatile style. Combine it with the "Nia" bracelet for a coordinated look and adapt it to suit the occasion. Pay attention to careful care and store them safely in the pikfine Eco gift box.

What does “recycled silver” mean?

Recycled silver comes from existing silver sources, such as: B. old jewelry, silverware or industrial silver leftovers. It is melted down and purified to create new jewelry without having to mine new silver. This saves resources and is more environmentally friendly.

What do the certificates “RJC” and “CoC” stand for?

  • “RJC” stands for “Responsible Jewelery Council”. This is like a kind of protective shield for jewelry lovers like you and me. The people behind the RJC care that the jewelry we love is made under fair conditions - with respect for people and the environment. So when you see RJC seals, you know that the jewelry you are wearing is not only beautiful, but also has a beautiful story behind it.
  • Have you ever heard of 'Chain of Custody' (CoC)? It might sound a bit like a technical term, but it's basically about how we ensure our products have a clear path from manufacturing to you. Think of it as a kind of road trip for our jewelry! It is important that we can track the flow of materials to ensure everything is done fairly and sustainably. So when you see the CoC mark, you can be confident that our jewelry is not only beautiful, but also made responsibly. Cool, right?"

What is included?

The piece of jewelry is delivered in a pikfine Eco gift box, ideal for giving as a gift or storing."

How do I properly care for my “Nia” necklace?


Cleaning:Soft cloth or silver cleaning cloth

Avoid:Direct contact with sulfur and cosmetics

Storage:Airtight to prevent tarnishing.