Find the right words

  • We all have those moments when we want to say a huge thank you to someone. But let's be honest: between work, everyday life and the endless to-do marathon, we rarely find the time to put this thought into action. This is exactly where we want to start.

  • With inspiring sayings and minimalist design, we conjure up ways to show profound gratitude without much effort. Because a personal thank you shouldn't fail because of a busy schedule.

  • “Gratitude transforms what we have into enough.”

Small effort, big impact

Courage to say thank you

Yes, it may take a moment of courage to step out of line and come around the corner with a thank you. But hey, the best moments in life are the ones for which we take a small step into the unknown, right? We make it easy for you to take this step - with creative text ideas and minimalist design that combines heart and style. So that no more “thank you” is lost and you can surprise the people you care about at any time.

Your guide to mindful thank you

  • 1. Short break

    Before you get started, take a moment. Imagine the person you want to thank. What makes your relationship special? That's the starting point.

  • 2. Get inspired

    Browse through our text suggestions. Which words catch your eye? Which ones fit emotionally? This selection is your raw material.

  • 3. Listen to your gut feeling

    Which formulations feel right? The ones that make you nod inwardly are the ones for you.

  • 4. Add a personal touch

    Now it's getting creative. Combine the selected texts with your own thoughts. Adjust, add, and the message is ready.

  • 5. Find closure

    Your thank you is ready. Whether you write it in a card, convey it orally, or share it in some other way, it comes from the heart.

  • 6. High five to you

    Did you hand over your thank you? Then now is the perfect moment for a self-awarded high five. You've just made someone's day - and that's definitely a reason to be proud of you.

Your text inspiration for a thank you card

Friends family

  • Priceless in every way – for your help and your big heart: thank you!
  • Your friendship is a gift that I treasure every day. Thank you for being you.
  • Thanks for putting up with my 'funny' jokes and pretending they're actually funny.
  • For all the times I was late replying to your messages and you still didn't unfriend me. Your patience is worth it!
  • I can hardly find the right words for all the moments in which you gave me strength, inspired me and supported me. Your influence on my life is greater than words could ever express. With all my heart: thank you for everything.
  • Thanks for reminding me that Google isn't always right. Your advice is priceless.
  • For the patience, encouragement and tireless support – thank you for believing in me.
  • Your visits are particularly valuable to me because I know that I don't have to hide anything - neither the chaos nor myself. This lightheartedness in our friendship is a real gift for me.


  • For the countless times in which you supported me with advice and support and for the moments in which we mastered deadlines together: A big thank you. Your support and team spirit make every working day better.
  • I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the positive energy that you bring to the team every day. Your commitment and willingness to help are contagious and make our work environment a place where I enjoy being.
  • Thank you for the creativity and inspiration you bring to our projects. Working with you as a colleague means constantly growing and learning new things.
  • A big thank you for making work special every day. With you by my side, work doesn't feel like work, but like a shared mission that's fun and fulfilling. Your positive attitude and team spirit are truly priceless.


  • For taking care of flowers while I'm away, accepting packages and always keeping the door open for a good conversation - your sense of community is priceless. Thank you for being such a wonderful neighbor.
  • How nice that in our fast-moving world there are still neighbors like you who share their time and warmth so generously. Your kindness makes our place of residence something very special. Thank you for that!
  • A neighbor like you is a real treasure. Thank you for your willingness to help, the good advice and the delicious surprises at my door. It's lucky to know you next door.
  • I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the times you have been a listening ear and a helping hand. It's reassuring to know that we can count on each other.
  • In you I have found not just a neighbor , but a real friend. Thank you for the countless little gestures that show how much you care.

Supervisors & mentors

  • Thank you very much for your guidance and your trust in me. Your support has helped me to develop both personally and professionally. It is an honor to work under your leadership.
  • I consider myself lucky to be able to work for someone like you, who not only acts as a boss but also as a mentor . Thank you for giving me the freedom to develop while always being there to guide and support.
  • I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for your vision, your words of encouragement, and the opportunities you have provided me. Your style of leadership inspires me every day.
  • A sincere thank you for the time, patience and wisdom you invested in my development as a mentor. Your guidance not only gave me new perspectives but also encouraged me to explore my own paths. Your belief in my abilities and your tireless support are priceless to me.

Doctors & medical professionals

  • Dear [department/clinic] team, your tireless commitment and empathy during this difficult time were invaluable to me.
  • For every question you patiently answered and every concern you took seriously, your compassion and professionalism are unparalleled. I thank you not only as my doctor, but as the person who gave me hope when I needed it most.
  • The way you carry out your profession – with so much dedication, expertise and humanity – deserves the highest respect and admiration. It is an honor to be treated by you. They are great!
  • In a world where time is so precious, you made me feel seen and understood. Your commitment and personal attention have made the difference. Thanks!

School, kindergartens & clubs

  • Huge thank you for teaching my child not only ABC and 123, but also how to go through life with heart and humor. Your energy in the classroom is contagious and priceless!
  • A big thank you for all the glitter, songs and tears you share with my child. Your patience and creativity turn every day into a little adventure. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of his/her world!
  • Thank you for being more than just a coach – you are a real role model for my child. Your passion and commitment on and off the pitch/stage show what it means to achieve great things as a team. Thanks for all the high fives, motivational injections and victory cheers!
  • A huge thank you to you for the enthusiasm and dedication you bring to the classroom every day. The fact that you showed my child how exciting learning can be impressed us deeply. You make a difference!
  • Thank you very much for your energy and commitment in supporting our child and the team. Your passion and commitment to teaching not only athletic skills but also team spirit is admirable. Thank you for being such an inspiring force!

Everyday heroes

  • Thank you for making the world around you a little brighter with your kindness and positivity.
  • In a world that is sometimes too busy to pause, thank you for your constant help and care. You make the difference – every single day.
  • We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the dedication and attention with which you care for every corner of our home. Your work gives us time and space to breathe deeply.
  • Thank you for making our lives a little easier every day with your reliability and hard work. Your conscientious work is invaluable to us
  • A huge thank you for your reliability and the smile you bring to us, no matter what the weather.

Find the right saying for your thank you

There are countless occasions in our lives when we want to say thank you . Whether it's saying thank you to a special someone, colleague, teacher, friend, family member or helpful neighbor, choosing the right saying can convey our appreciation in a deep and personal way. Here with us you have found a diverse collection of inspiration and text suggestions that will help you find the ideal " say thank you saying " for every situation. From heartfelt and profound to funny and light sayings, discover the perfect way to say "thank you" and put a smile on someone's face.

Expressing gratitude strengthens relationships and spreads positivity. With a carefully selected " say thank you saying " you not only show appreciation for a friendly gesture or support, but also share a piece of your heart's warmth. Whether you want to “say thank you for help and support”, “say thank you for everything” , “say thank you with a gift” , “say thank you to the cleaning lady” or “say thank you to employees” – let our text suggestions inspire you and find the saying that expresses exactly what you feel. Because sometimes a simple but apt saying says more than a thousand words.