Our corporate values

What exactly is slow giving?

“Slow Giving” is a term that refers to a more conscious and thoughtful approach to giving. The term is based on the "slow movement", which occurs in various areas such as "slow food", "slow living" etc. and represents a counterpoint to our hectic, fast-paced lifestyle. The Slow Movement emphasizes the importance of doing things more slowly and consciously to increase quality and meaning

Give wisely

It's more than just a gift

A gift chosen with love and consideration says so much more than a last-minute purchase. It shows that you've put some thought into it and are genuinely interested. It's about appreciation, affection and real connections! You take more time to think about the perfect gift that really suits the person receiving it, rather than just rushing out to buy something.

We love unique and sustainable gifts! That's why we support local creatives and offer gifts that you
can personalize. This makes every gift something very special and will be remembered!