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Pen with engraving - customizable

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Engravable wooden pen made of FSC beech wood: Personalizable, sustainable, perfect as a gift.

The highlights
  • Sustainably produced– Made from FSC-certified beech wood, for environmental awareness in every stroke.
  • Can be individually engraved– Personalize with up to 20 characters in two selectable fonts.
  • Ideal as a gift– Unique gift for special occasions or as a token of appreciation.
  • Stylishly presented– On a rigid card with a jute cord bow, ready to give as a gift.
  • Optional outer packaging– Choose the right packaging for the perfect first impression.Made in Germany
In detail


  • FSC certified beech woodGermany
  • Blue ballpoint pen refill (replaceable)


  • Length: approx. 18cm
  • Width: approx. 1cm

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    Sustainably manufactured

    Stift mit Gravur auf nachhaltiger Karte. Perfekt um direkt verschenkt zu werden
    Pen with engraving - customizable
    Stift mit Gravur aus FSC Buchenholz von pikfine. Personalisierbar und perfekt als Geschenk
    Pen with engraving - customizable

    Engravable wooden pen – sustainable and personal

    OurPen with engravingcombines sustainable elegance with individual flair. Made from FSC-certified beech wood, this pen stands for environmental awareness and long-lasting design. It is not only a practical writing instrument, but also an ideal gift with a personal touch.

    Simply choose between two fonts and enter up to 10 characters for your personal engraving. This means that each pen becomes a unique companion in everyday life or on the desk.

    Each pen is presented on a sturdy card held together with a jute twine bow - ready for gift giving. If you want to go one step further, choose the right outer packaging for an all-round harmonious impression.

    With thePen with engravingyou are giving away more than just an object: you are giving away a story, a token of appreciation and a lasting eye-catcher.

    Your questions, our answers

    How can I personalize my pen with engraving?

    You can easily personalize your engraved pen by choosing up to 20 characters in minimalist font or up to 10 characters in hand-lettering font. Ideal for names, special dates or personal messages.

    How long does it take to make an engraved pen?

    We need approx. 3 working days to produce your individual pen.

    Can the engraving on the pen fade over time?

    The engraving on your pen is designed to last. It is engraved into the wood using a laser and can also be felt. However, the intensity of the engraving may slightly diminish with intensive use and over years as the surrounding wood wears a little.

    Can I order a custom engraved pen for my pen?

    If you have any special requests or ideas about your engraved pen, please contact us directly. We are happy to find individual solutions to make your pen even more personal.

    Does the engraved pen dry out quickly because it doesn't have a cap?

    No, our pens are designed so that they do not dry out quickly, even without a cap. Thanks to the high-quality leads and the special design, the writing quality is maintained over a long period of time, even if the pen is left unused for a while. We understand that the longevity of a pen is important to our customers and have therefore ensured that you can rely on our pen at all times.

    If the mine does run out, you don't need to worry. The pen is equipped with a simple mechanism that allows you to replace the refill. This means that the pen can be your faithful companion for years without having to forego new writing quality.