Today we would like to introduce you to an exciting material that we have enthusiastically integrated into our latest simple bracelets: ECONYL®.

ECONYL® is an innovative material made from 100% recycled plastics. These are made from old fishing nets and fabric scraps, which is not only a clever but also environmentally friendly solution. In the recycling process, the polyamide waste is carefully cleaned, sorted and broken down into its chemical components. At the end of this complex process, high-quality and particularly robust nylon fibers are created.

Circular economy

The special thing about ECONYL® is that the resulting fibers are recyclable, which enables a true circular economy. In this way, we are making a small contribution together to combat the flood of plastic by relying on recyclable materials.

Our new bracelets made from ECONYL® are not only stylish and minimalist in design, but also a statement for environmental awareness and sustainability. At Pikfine, we are proud to take innovative approaches and make our contribution to a better future.

You can now find these environmentally friendly bracelets in our range - simple, modern and with a clear conscience. Because sustainability and design do not have to be mutually exclusive, but can go hand in hand. Thank you for being part of this journey and fighting the flood of plastic together with us!

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