• In our fast-paced world, it can sometimes feel like we are racing through life, especially when it comes to consuming. Slow Giving offers us the opportunity to pause and choose gifts with care and love.

  • In this guide, we explore the concept of slow giving and show how we can bring more joy and positively impact the world through mindful giving.

  • “Maximum appreciation for people and nature”

Slow Giving: A contrast to fast-paced consumption

Consumer culture and its challenges

In today's consumer society, gifts are often bought at the last moment, without much thought. Slow Giving advocates the careful and thoughtful selection of presents in order to bring real joy to the recipient.

Slow Giving places great emphasis on eco-friendly, sustainable gifts and packaging. It supports responsible use of our resources and promotes mindfulness towards our environment and our fellow human beings.

Not to underestimate

The benefits of slow giving

Personality & individuality

Gifts selected with care and love are an expression of genuine appreciation and connection. They have a personal touch, tell a story and create unforgettable memories.

Positive impact on the environment

By choosing environmentally friendly and sustainably produced gifts, we make an active contribution to protecting the environment and support fair working conditions and ethical production methods.

Your guide to mindful giving

  • 1. Choose personally & mindfully

    Think carefully about what the recipient really likes and what would bring him/her joy. Choose something that has heart and meaning.

  • 2. Give sustainably

    Prefer gifts that are sustainably produced and respect the environment. Pay attention to ecological materials and fair production conditions.

  • 3. Support local businesses

    Shop from local artists and businesses. By doing this, you support the community and minimize transport emissions.

  • 4. Time as a gift

    Time spent together is often the most precious thing we can give away. Experience unforgettable moments together and create lasting memories.

  • 5.DIY

    A homemade gift is unique and special. Think about what talents you have and use them to create something individual.

  • 6. Be authentic

    Choose gifts that truly suit you and reflect your own appreciation and uniqueness.

Slow giving is not just a trend, but rather a philosophy of life. It puts mindfulness, love and sustainability at the forefront of our actions. With carefully selected gifts, we can give true joy, intensify connections and at the same time protect our environment. It invites us to reflect and re-experience giving in all its facets.